Benefits of Conscious Breathing

Benefits of Conscious Breathing

There are many benefits to practicing Conscious and Connected Breathing.

At the level of physical health:
– increased vitality and reduced fatigue thanks to the relaxation of resistance
– increase of vital current through the body (chi or prana – link to article)
– deep relaxation of the body
– stimulation of the nervous, digestive and immune system thanks to the mobilization of the lymph during deep breathing
– triggering regeneration mechanisms
– release of the blocked energies which become available again and allow a net revival of the tone and a renewed vitality

At the level of personal development:
– increased awareness of Life and greater potential
– ability to feel better emotions and physical sensations
– renewed joy, enthusiasm, serenity, self-esteem.
– improvement of intuition and spirituality
– better clarity of mind and increased creativity
– more empathy, compassion and quality in interpersonal relationships, especially for the couple and the parent / child relationship

The Breathwork facilitates the connection to our Inner Intelligence, it allows to practice letting go. By decreasing the mental discourse, the current practice of Breathing brings a feeling of inner peace and a lot of clarity. In concrete terms, it helps to make better decisions, improves the quality of relationships and puts priorities in order. We can truly speak of a complete personal fulfillment that marks the path to a happier life opening the door to more exaltation and wonder!

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