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Nathalie Moride

Nathalie Moride
Nathalie Moride, BAA (BAC in Business Administration, Uqam ) Is a certified practitioner of Conscious and Connected Breathwork (Alchemy of Breath and Breathwave Breathwork). She is also a certified yoga teacher (Nosara Yoga Institute). Nathalie was born in Montreal and divides her time between Quebec and Costa Rica.

For more than 25 years, Nathalie Moride has been working in the corporate world in marketing and advertising agencies in Paris (EuroDisney, Hachette Fillipacchi, Condenet) and Montreal. She then chooses to leave the corporate life to develop an online advertising network that she sells a few years later.
In 2013, during a spiritual journey of personal growth in Sedona, Arizona, Nathalie experienced the Holotropic Breathwork created by the psychiatrist and founder of transpersonal psychology, Stanislas Groff. It is a striking and transformative element for her. “I was amazed by the power and speed with which breathwork could lead to a deep therapeutic state of mind, in a safe and natural way.” This type of breathwork is however not accessible to all (price, duration sessions, and  intensity), Nathalie expands her research. This is how she discovers Conscious and Connected Breathwork by participating in a retreat given by Robin Clements of Breathwave Breathwork. Certain to have found her way, Nathalie undertakes her trainings. She is now dedicated to guiding and supporting participants in one-to-one and small group sessions she conducts on a weekly basis in Montreal or in one-off workshops in Costa Rica in yoga and wellness centers.
“I use the breath as a tool to travel in my inner world, to welcome everything that emerges from it and to connect with my inner child, refocus and regain my power at every moment.”
From the corporate world herself, Nathalie is familiar with issues such as performance concerns, anxiety, work overload, and so on. Passionate, she is dedicated to helping others – in a safe and therapeutic environment – to access their inner ability to heal, live better, optimize their vitality, sleep better and live more serenely. “Conscious and Connected Breathwork allows deep exploration, a unique transformation towards well-being.”

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