Sessions offered

Individual Conscious Breathing Session

I offer individual sessions for the person who wishes to practice one-on-one with me.

Offered by appointment, these one-on-one Breathwork sessions are personalized, allowing for an in-depth experience focused on a particular theme or need.
In a safe environment, alone with the facilitator, the participant, at the pace of his or her own process, can more easily surrender to the feelings and benefits of the Breathwork experience.
These 90-minute sessions include a breath assessment, explanation of the technique and a full 60-minute Breathwork with evocative music and feedback.

“I recommend a one-on-one session especially for people who are nervous or uncomfortable in a group setting or simply for those who prefer to experience Breathwork in a private space.”


Duration: 90 minutes
By appointment – in person or online at Zoom.
Fee: $120

Packages and payment plans available upon request.

Breathwork Discovery Package

I have seen over the years how much power a single session can generate, but in order to approach a real transformation, to become familiar with and integrate this wonderful tool that is Breathwork, I recommend doing 3 consecutive individual sessions, one per week.


I have designed this program of 3 individual Breathwork sessions to help you discover the healing power of the Breath, to acquire good breathing and to get a good overview of the Power of Breathwork. All this while benefiting from a discount on the price of the individual sessions.

Découverte du Breathwork

Transformation Journey Package

Breathwork is one of the most powerful tools available if you want to make changes in your life or optimize your life. Through Breathwork, it is possible to initiate and see a true transformation of various aspects of your life.


I have designed this program of 7 individual Breathwork sessions to allow you to experience the healing power of the Breath in depth. These seven sessions will be focused on themes or life intentions that you have defined in order to experience true fulfillment. This multi-week package allows you to benefit from a substantial discount on the price of the individual sessions.

Conscious Breathing sessions in small groups (3-4 people max)

I offer Conscious Breathing sessions for 3-4 people who want to explore together.
Offered on a weekly basis, these group sessions of 3-4 people maximum are an ideal and intimate setting. Supported by a well-designed soundtrack and positive affirmations, participants lie on the floor and are guided on a journey into the heart of themselves. A light body work is also offered to participants to help release body and emotional tensions.
These 90-minute sessions begin with a few explanations followed by a one-hour Breathing and then a closing and sharing circle.
“I like to think of group alchemical breathing sessions as a way to plant seeds of awareness in people’s hearts.”

Location: 145 Laurier Avenue West, Montreal H2T 2N6

Dates to come

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