Offered services

Semi-Private Conscious Breathwork sessions for 3 people wanting to explore together

Offered weekly, these group sessions of up to 3 people (during Pandemic time to respect social distancing) are an ideal and intimate context for those who want to be surrounded while maintaining a low noise level. Lulled by music and positive affirmations, the participants lie on the ground and guided towards a journey to the heart of themselves.
These 90-minute sessions begin with a few explanations followed by an hour of breathwork, movement, streching and Body work ,followed by a circle of closure and sharing.
“I like to think of group alchemical breathing sessions as a way of sowing seeds of consciousness in people’s hearts.”

Next sessions :

Wednesday October 7th

Wednesday October 14th

Wednesday October 21st

Wednesday October 28th



Time : 6h00 pm to 6h30 pm
Fees : $45

 Individual sessions for the person wishing to practice alone with Nathalie

Offered on registration and spaced a week or two apart, these individual sessions allow you to go deeper into the process and / or direct the experience around a theme to work on a specific need. Only with the facilitator, the participant is more easily allowed to the intensity of the emotion, to the rhythm of his own progressive step.
These 90-minute sessions include pre- and post-session follow-up and one-hour breathwork and guidance.
“I recommend an individual session especially for nervous or uncomfortable group people or just those who prefer to experiment with BreathWork in private space.”


Price : 90$ for 90 minutes

Online Individual session offered via Zoom.

Price : 60$ for 90 minutes

Customized sessions for groups and retreats

Available on request, these tailor-made sessions are workshops for groups, teams and institutions. They are a great tool for dealing with stress and anxiety, increasing productivity and creativity, and creating positive connections between team members.
“Whether it’s a workshop in a yoga studio, a wellness center or a business, I have seen great benefits in the teams I guided. “

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