Transformation Package – 7 sessions

Your Journey of Transformation

Why choose this 7 session package?


We all have things to work on or areas of our lives that we want to improve. Whether it is Love, Health, finding our Life Mission… There is so much!


But to do this, we must clean our instruments, our Body, our Mind, our Psyche, of all that they carry for so many years… The memories, the limiting thoughts, the wounds that can cause anxiety, stress and prevent us from living to our highest potential.


One of the effective ways to free ourselves from these is through Breathwork.

You will be able to unblock this stagnant energy and use it to manifest the life you want to live.


I can assure you! Because I have experienced it myself. I have undergone several psychotherapies, I have practiced Yoga intensely for several years; it worked, but only for a short time…
 So how can I make it last?


Breathwork allows us to work at the source of our memories and conditionings and to evacuate them once and for all, to free ourselves from them in order to finally attract what we really want, to finally have a clear idea of the path we want to take and to be able to better realize our Life.



In order to go in this direction, I propose a more elaborate package of 7 sessions which will start with 3 weekly sessions (one per week) followed by 4 other sessions more spaced out (one every two weeks) to allow a better integration.


During the first session, we will identify together the intentions you wish to focus on to improve your life, what you wish to manifest in your life: more Abundance, Health, Love, Creativity…


With the help of Breathwork, we will aim to break down the barriers that prevent you from living at your highest potential and accessing a joyful life!

This package will allow you :

  • to deploy the benefits of the power of Breathwork
  • to experience a physical well-being, even to increase your vitality, to decrease stress
  • to feel a real release of the body on the emotional level
  • to aim at the release of old patterns, limiting beliefs, repressed emotions and old traumas lodged in the body
  • bring more clarity, rebalance different areas of your life
  • to live in Joy – THE BLISS
  • to pursue greater fulfillment
  • connect with your Essence, your intuition by accessing a higher level of consciousness
  • to calm the Mind to connect to your Inner Intelligence
    in short, a better connection with your Essence, your body, your emotions.

The Voyage Transformation package is :

  • a series of 7 individual 90-minute sessions
  • in person or online
  • each session being a 60-minute breathing journey
    using the Conscious and Connected Breathing technique
    accompanied by music
  • being accompanied in a safe and compassionately supported space
  • a diagnosis of your breathing and
  • a video explanation of how to breathe well to do at home daily
  • identification of one or two Intentions you wish to manifest in your life
  • follow-up exercise between each session and handouts
  • 3 Breathwork audio sessions – 60 minutes with music to do at home
  • 1 audio session of 15 minutes to do daily

Quite a program, isn’t it?

Which I invite you to book now!


Book your Transformation Journey Package with me


Price: 665$ / 95$ for each 90 minutes individual session customized to your needs in person in Montreal or on Zoom.
(A great package! Representing a 25$ discount on the regular price of an individual session at 120$)
Payment plans available upon request.

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