Discovery Package – 3 sessions

Why a Discovery Package?

Breathing is an act of every moment, practically lived unconsciously.
Luckily, Breathwork is a wonderful awareness tool that takes us beyond this vital reflex.


Perhaps you have done a first Breathwork session with me?
Or maybe you’re interested and want to experiment and use this technique to breathe better and integrate the breath for your physical, mental or spiritual health?


People often ask me “how many sessions should I do to discover and get a good overview of the Breathwork experience”?


I have seen over the years how much power a single session can generate, but to experience, become familiar with and get a good overview of such a powerful tool as Breathwork, I recommend doing 3 consecutive sessions, one per week.


I therefore propose this package of 3 private Breathwork sessions to help you discover and taste the benefits of the Healing Power of Breath.


With these 3 Breathwork sessions of 60 minutes, practiced each week, you will acquire a good knowledge of the Conscious Connected Breathing and its benefits.


If needed, you can then continue with a monthly session to maintain or deepen your personal Breathwork experience.

This Discovery package will allow you :

– to discover the state of your breath and acquire a good diaphragmatic breathing technique
– to regulate your nervous system to bring more balance, harmony, clarity and vitality
– to help you deprogram your conditionings and limiting beliefs that prevent you from living in the freedom of your being
– to help you let go of the mind in order to connect to your true nature
to experience the benefits of the power of Breathwork

Reharmonize, rebalance the body, the mind.

The Breath, through the Breathwork, allows to do that…

The Discovery Package is :

  • a series of 3 individual 90-minute sessions
  • in person or online
  • to be done ideally during three consecutive weeks
  • by appointment, on dates and times that suit you,
  • each session being a 60-minute breathing journey
    using the Conscious and Connected Breathing technique accompanied by music,
  • be accompanied in a safe and compassionately supported space
  • benefit from a diagnosis of your breathing
  • access a 15-minute audio session to do in the comfort of your own home to practice daily.

A great offer, isn’t it?


That I invite you to book now!


Book your Breathwork Discovery Package with me


Price: $115 for each 90-minute individual session customized to your needs in person in Montreal or on Zoom.
(A nice package! Representing a 5$ discount on the regular price of an individual session at 120$)
Payment plans available upon request.

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